user agreement

user agreement

Membership Agreement

Thank you for using our products and services. Products and services Mutlukent mah. 2017 st. No: 56 Cankaya Ankara Bon Import Export Industry and Trade. Ltd. It is provided by the company . By using our services and products, you agree to the terms here.

Please read these terms carefully before shopping. From the use of our products and services in illegal activities , Bon İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Şti cannot be held responsible.


Carrying out the activities of the website as a service provider, Mutlukent mah. 2017 st. No: 56 Çankaya / Ankara BON İTHALAT İHRACAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter referred to as “Mahfelle” ).

It has been concluded between the User” who uses the website platform “” as a “Member” or “Visitor” (In the Agreement, the term User is used to include all users without distinction as Visitor or Member, and Member is only registered users).

In the Agreement and the User or Member shall be referred to as the Party separately and the Parties together.

Bon Import Export Industry and Trade Limited Company; It represents the Mahfelle brand.

Purpose of the Contract

It determines the conditions under which the products and services to be offered to the user by Mahfelle on the website (Mahfelle) named owned by Bon Import Export Industry and Trade Limited Company .

Mahfelle is an electronic commerce service that provides product supply to its users. The use of the platform indicates that this membership agreement has been read and accepted by the User/Member. For this reason, this membership agreement is binding for all members, users and visitors who benefit from the services and products of the website . Users of this website, whether they are visitors (visitors: non-members but limited users of Mahfelle services), or members (members: users who register to by providing their personal information), are committed to acting in accordance with the provisions of this contract. The word “user” in the text of the contract also includes “member” and “visitor”.

User Obligations

1- By accepting that he has read the whole of this agreement, fully understood its content, and unconditionally and unconditionally accepts and approves all the matters stated in the agreement and on the website named, the user can make no objections or objections regarding these matters. declares and undertakes in advance that it will not make any claims.

2- The user does not use the services/products offered by to violate the public order, violate general morality, disturb or harass others, for an unlawful purpose, to protect the intellectual or industrial rights of others (copyright, trademark or patent, etc.). cannot be used to rape. In addition, it cannot engage in activities and works that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services provided on The user agrees and undertakes in advance to comply with the above-mentioned restrictions.

3- The member cannot give the password given to him by or determined by himself, to other persons or organizations. The usage rights of the User and/or Member with this agreement belong solely to him/her and cannot be transferred to others. The member is responsible for the use of the username and/or password by other people and cannot hold Mahfelle responsible in any way for this reason.

4- The User and/or Member is under his/her own responsibility to ensure the security of the username and password that he/she determines while becoming a member of Mahfelle, to take the necessary precautions, not to use the membership accounts, usernames and passwords of other members, to access their data without permission and not to share their passwords with others. , otherwise the legal and penal responsibilities arising from this will belong to him; to notify Mahfelle immediately when they learn that member accounts are used by unauthorized persons or that their passwords have been compromised; It accepts and undertakes that Mahfelle cannot be held responsible for the seizure of members' passwords, membership accounts and user names by third parties.

5- The user agrees not to access and/or use the software, personal data, or other information of other users who benefit from the services provided through Mahfelle, and not to make them available to third parties and organizations.

6- User, messages containing illegal information, chain mail, viruses, worms, etc. will not distribute any other content that may harm third parties, such as malicious software; accepts, declares and undertakes not to send programs and / or information or use a method that will harm the information or software on other users' computers.

7- As long as the user benefits from the services/products offered in Mahfelle, he agrees to comply with the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Industrial Property Law, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Code of Obligations and other legislation, and the notices published by Mahfelle and not to violate them. , declares and undertakes.

8- Mahfelle logo and all intellectual and financial rights of the Platforms, their content and software on the website, mobile application and any other Platform belonging to Bon İthalat İhracat belong to Mahfelle. The User shall not use any method to monitor and/or copy, reproduce, modify the contents of one or all of his Platforms or for other unauthorized purposes; will not create derivative works from this content or make them public/3. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not display it to any person or institution. Otherwise, Mahfelle accepts, declares and undertakes that its right to compensation is reserved.

9- The user declares, accepts and guarantees that the information he/she will give about himself/herself is correct, that he/she will update this information at the earliest opportunity and if a period of time is stipulated by law, in case of changes in the information provided, and that they will only bind him/her.

10- The user cannot use the shopping site as a commercial promotion area, cannot attempt to promote any product, make sales or direct users to other sales channels in product comments, Mahfelle social media accounts, in any communication channel. Mahfelle has the right to terminate the memberships and/or remove the pages of the members that it determines to use for these purposes.

11- The Member may not claim any rights from Mahfelle in the event that they leave the membership or the Membership is terminated by Mahfelle.

12- Mahfelle always reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the membership of the member when necessary. The Member agrees in advance that Mahfelle will not raise any objections if he exercises this right.

13- Member, name and Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Internet service provider used by Mahfelle to access the site for the improvement and development of the Platform and/or within the framework of legal legislation, the date and time of accessing the site, the pages accessed while on the site and the site directly. accepts and declares that certain information such as the Internet address of the Web site that provides the connection may be collected.

14- Because the user, whether he is a member or just a visitor, violates any of his obligations in this article;

  • In the event that he suffers a loss, he does not have the right to demand this damage from the Mahfelle, and he will not direct any lawsuit or demand to the Mahfelle for this purpose,
  • He knows that if a third party suffers a loss due to his violation, he will remedy this loss at the time of the first request and immediately, and if he does not, he will recourse to himself with all legal interests and other accessories as of the date on which the Mahfelle pays the damage,
  • He knows that if the violation causes the Mahfelle to pay a judicial or administrative fine, the Assembly will recourse this amount together with all its legal interests and other accessories as of the actual payment date,
  • In the event that Mahfelle incurs a direct loss due to its violation, it accepts, declares and undertakes that it will pay the relevant loss to Mahfelle together with all legal interest and ancillaries as of the date of the damage.

Powers of the Mahfelle

1- Mahfelle has the right to unilaterally stop the service provided to the user and/or member at any time, permanently or temporarily, and has the right to postpone, limit and destroy the user access on any page or service without stating a reason and without warning. Therefore, the user cannot hold Mahfelle responsible under any name.

2- Mahfelle has the right to terminate or suspend the memberships of Members who provide incomplete or incorrect Membership information, and Members who violate other terms of use described on the Platform regarding this membership agreement, without any explanation. In addition, Mahfelle has the right to terminate or freeze the accounts of the members, which it determines that it has not been updated during a certain period of time, without any explanation.

3- Mahfelle does not guarantee that the services provided by the website broadcasting under the domain name will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that certain results will be obtained by using the content of the site or mobile applications or by linking to the site. Although Mahfelle has taken all kinds of security measures regarding the service provided by users and members on the website published under the domain name or through the Platforms, any application or file or similar application or file or similar provided/uploaded by intermediary service providers due to the nature of information systems. does not guarantee that the user's system will not be damaged due to a content. Mahfelle cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise from the use of Mahfelle or other Platforms, including direct, indirect or incidental damages, consequential damages and punitive damages.

4- Mahfelle has the right to reject, delay, delay publication, not publish or unpublish the content, e-mail or any message on its pages from the Users without giving any reason.

5- The right to carry out advertising and promotional activities on the platforms belonging to Mahfelle belongs only to Mahfelle or third parties authorized by Mahfelle.

6- Mahfelle may link to other sites with or without its own brand on the website, mobile applications or other Platforms under the domain name Considering that the contents of the sites to which Mahfelle links or recommends may change over time, the external site is fully responsible for the information usage of the users, the privacy policies of the relevant sites and the content of the visitors to these sites due to the links given to external sites or the recommendations made regarding external sites. and Mahfelle is not responsible.

7- The collection of usernames, e-mails and other personal data on Mahfelle Platforms by unauthorized and unauthorized persons for any reason constitutes a crime as per the relevant legislation.

8- The content of the broadcasts made on the Mahfelle Platform may not be suitable for children under the age of 18. Mahfelle does not knowingly request information from children under the age of 18. If we become aware in any way that a user under the age of 18 has shared personal information with Mahfelle, we will delete this information from Mahfelle's registration infrastructure. If a parent becomes aware that their child has shared personal information on Mahfelle Platforms without their consent, they may request that this personal information be deleted by contacting Us. Records are deleted from the systems immediately, except for those that will occur for legal reasons.

9- Mahfelle is not responsible for price, product and any update errors caused by technical reasons, and can update and change the prices posted and announced in Mahfelle at any time. It has the right not to sell the product and to return the paid amount to the customer in the sales arising from the product price error.

10- Mahfelle can change, update or cancel the terms of the membership agreement at any time without the need for prior notice and/or warning in any form or form. Any provision changed, updated or repealed will be effective for all members at the date of publication.

11 – Mahfelle has the right to cancel an order that raises suspicion of fraud, without prior notice to the Member, and the Member has no right to make any demands from Mahfelle due to this cancellation.

Privacy and Processing of Personal Data

1- If you use the website and only remain a user or become a Member by completing your membership (“Member”), you accept, declare and undertake the following terms and conditions.

2- The purpose of our platform is to present special advertisements, campaigns and other benefits to Users. For this reason, you can take advantage of the services and advantages we offer for your purchases through all channels belonging to our Platforms, or if you do not want your information to be shared, you may not allow this by using our Platforms with limited features.

3- As a member, you can manage your commercial electronic message preferences by clicking the "unsubscribe" button in the sent messages.

4- If you remain as a visitor and visit our pages without being a member, we do not collect any information about you other than legal obligations.

5- If you allow cookies (these permissions can be managed by you in the settings of the browser program you use on your computer/mobile device), we will be able to access some additional information about you.

6- If you become a Member of us, we may try to provide you with full service. In order to register your membership and distinguish you from other Members; name, surname, date of birth, city and district where you live, gender and to contact you; Your mobile and business phone numbers and e-mail information or information provided through the social media platform you are a member of may be collected by us. Within the scope of our services, location data received via electronic devices may also be processed. In order to increase the benefits to the Members in the future, additional information such as interests and family information may be obtained.

7- Your personal data in the form you fill in to become a member; To receive your orders, to offer our products and services, to make your payments, to contact you for marketing purposes about your orders, products and services, to suggest products and services that may be of interest to you, to convey campaign and promotion announcements related to brand collaborations, to carry out technical, logistics and other similar functions of third parties on our behalf. Procurement, acquisition, recording in written/magnetic archives at home and abroad by automatic/non-automatic methods for the purposes of ensuring that they fulfill their obligations, sending newsletters or notifications by e-mail, answering your questions and providing effective customer service, providing information about new content. It will be processed by storing, keeping, making available, using, updating, changing, combining, reorganizing, classifying, explaining, sharing, transferring it to or from the country, transfer and other forms. The remainder will not be used for any purpose.

8- Members can make the necessary updates from the "My Account" page or request that these updates be made, in case their personal information changes within the scope of the program. Mahfelle may communicate with the Member via SMS/short message, instant notification, automatic call, computer, telephone, fax, e-mail and other electronic messages and other forms of sending. If you give your consent to send electronic messages through campaigns, electronic bulletins and other means within the scope of this Membership, you can give your consent at any time in line with the directions in the messages or via the contact information on the page. You can unsubscribe from the list by contacting .com and submitting your opt-out request. In this way, will remove it from the mailing list.

9- Your personal data is used by Mahfelle's program partners, service providers, suppliers and Bon İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi and their It can be transferred to third parties in the country and abroad, including third parties/organizations to be determined. Personal data collected within the scope of your membership are deleted, destroyed or anonymized by the Member's request or by Mahfelle, without prejudice to the periods stipulated by the relevant legislation, following the termination of the Membership by the Member itself or by Mahfelle.

10- The member has the right to terminate his membership at any time. Membership cannot be transferred or sold to third parties.

11- Your personal data processed by Mahfelle, p. 6698. In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, all kinds of administrative and technical security measures will be taken by us and will be kept securely without allowing unauthorized access.

Termination and Changes

This agreement will remain in effect until the member cancels his membership or his membership is canceled by Mahfelle. Each of the parties may terminate the Membership Agreement unilaterally and without compensation at any time. In case the member violates any provision of the membership agreement, Mahfelle may terminate the agreement unilaterally by canceling the membership of the member.

As of the date when the member started to use the service to be provided by Mahfelle in accordance with the provisions of this contract, to immediately compensate for any damages and losses that may be incurred by Mahfelle and/or third parties due to acts contrary to the rights and obligations set forth in the contract and/or failure to fulfill their acts and commitments, and Mahfelle accepts and undertakes that the member may terminate the contract unilaterally by canceling the membership.

Force Majeure

not under the control of the parties; Natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil wars, wars, uprisings, public movements, declaration of mobilization, strikes, lockouts and epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power cuts (collectively referred to as "Force Majeure" below) arising from the contract. If the obligations become unfulfillable by the parties, the parties are not responsible. During this period, the rights and obligations of the Parties arising from this Agreement are suspended.


This contract is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, regardless of the conflict of laws rules, will be resolved according to these laws and Ankara Courts will be authorized as a duty and place.


  • The address notified by the member to Mahfelle is considered the legal notification address for any notification to be made regarding this contract.
  • Unless the Member notifies the Mahfelle in writing of changes in their current address within 3 (three) days, the member accepts that the notifications to the old addresses will be valid and will be deemed to have been made to him.
  • Any notification made by Mahfelle using the member's e-mail address registered in the system due to this agreement is valid, and it will be deemed to reach the member 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by


The Member declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this membership agreement and that he/she confirms the accuracy of the information he/she has given about him/her. This membership agreement was concluded at the time of the member's membership and entered into force mutually and indefinitely. The contract will automatically become null and void, without the need for any warning, with the termination of the membership or the realization of any of the termination conditions listed in this contract.