Darwin Blue White Bergere

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Thanks to the package spring upholstery technique, it provides the highest level of comfort as the springs move in accordance with all kinds of body shapes while sitting. The cushions are produced with the sandwich sponge technique and provide the most comfortable sitting with the use of 3 different density sponges together. Walnut colored protective matte varnish is used on solid wood on the arms.

About the Hornbeam Tree: Hornbeam, which is a very durable tree that does not break easily, is difficult to process. It is necessary to make more effort to process hornbeam, which has less flexibility, than other trees. For this reason, those who want to buy high-quality furniture generally prefer products made from hornbeam. The reason why hornbeam is harder is the higher amount of cellulose in its cell wall. For this reason, hornbeam, which is a much harder and heavier tree, has less water content. Due to its solid structure and durability, it meets the wood needs in many areas, from the toy industry to the ship industry. Hornbeam and beech trees are often confused with each other.

Darwin Navy Blue White Sand Armchair with specially processed wooden arms and blackened cast brass legs

  • Blackened cast brass feet
  • wooden handles

Wooden Handle Options:

  • Hornbeam - Walnut / Polished
  • Hornbeam - Oak / Polished
  • Oak / Natural
  • Oak / Brushed and Painted

*Production is made to order.

After your order, we will contact you for your wooden handle preference.

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Brand: Avdan
Product Name: Darwin Blue White Bergere

"Life products for me" We have been living in a huge system with our "modern human" identity since 200 years ago, when the industrial revolution took place. We rejoice with everyone, feel sad with everyone, run around with everyone, have fun with everyone, and get angry with everyone.​ In fact, as in Chaplin's unforgettable movie, as people of modern times, we forget our nature, our instincts and our most basic sense of "I" in the wheel we are in. There is no 'we' without 'me'. Fortunately, nature still reminds us of everything we have forgotten. It teaches us again that we cannot reach a beautiful and hopeful 'we' without a healthy, strong and happy 'I'. We felt this feeling so sincerely and strongly that we transformed the knowledge we have gained in our professional careers, our family heritage and experiences into products that we can describe as "for me". We wanted every Avdan product purchased to make you feel like it was "made for me", from its material to its design, from its function to its price. May it make you feel happier, better and more beautiful. We are here for everyone who can say "I" with our name, which means marketplace in the dictionary. With happy “I”s and happier “we”s. In Avdan, everything is for "me".

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Darwin Mavi Beyaz Berjer - Mahfelle

Darwin Blue White Bergere


Darwin Blue White Bergere