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Unique umbrellas with a huge collection of designs, styles and handles. The only masterpieces in a unique industry produced entirely in Italy and distributed in the best boutiques around the world.

In the countryside of Mantova, there is still someone who continues to produce and export handmade luxury umbrellas to all corners of the world, using a brand name that will celebrate its 65th anniversary: ​​Pasotti.

The company stands out for its creativity and consistent materials research, all exclusively Italian: enameled brass handles, Swarovski® crystals, precious silk fabrics and gorgeous embellishments.

"The company was founded in 1956," says owner Ms. Eva Giacomini, and was "founded by my mother, Ernesta Pasotti, who started making one-of-a-kind umbrellas that she sold directly, sometimes riding a bicycle. Later, with my father, Vittorio, who was mainly involved in sales, the company was a small craftsman." Today, we have shrunk and focused mostly on limited edition umbrellas as there is no room for such industrial production. We produce 40 thousand handmade umbrellas per year: very high quality products sold in the most prestigious boutiques in 75 countries. 93% of our turnover "Apart from the Pasotti collection, we are proud of a series of private label collaborations with the most fashionable brands around the world."

And thanks to the new generation of Nicola and Andrea Begotti, the overseas market really continues to grow, taking part in the most important fashion weeks and investing a lot in the Web, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Italian luxury umbrella production survives from generation to generation.

  • Brand: Pasotti Umbrellas
Brand: Pasotti Umbrellas
Product Name: Pasotti Umbrella - Jacquard Piantino

Enis first started his tailoring business years ago when he went to London to study languages. A family friend offered her a job at Norton and Sons, one of Saville Row's most respected tailors, where she got her first taste of bespoke fashion. Later, when he returned to Istanbul, he worked full time in some tailor shops and, gaining years of experience, established his own brand based in Naples - Istanbul. Enis believes that in the fashion world, which is inherently unstable, there are in fact trends that have not completely disappeared, and most of them can be learned by looking into the past. His designs are inspired by international fashion icons and some historical figures. “I try to teach people what bespoke clothing is every day. The price of the dress doesn't matter. Our prices are suitable for almost every budget. Bespoke clothing is a luxury, yes, but people are moving away from cheap products. If you're buying five suits a year, don't buy them. Buy two and make sure they are high quality. Create a budget for it. You don't have to be rich to dress bespoke or be stylish." Sartoria Napoletana products are now in Mahfelle with the designs of Enis, who goes far beyond the role of just a tailor to help people achieve a complete style!

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Pasotti Umbrella - Jacquard Piantino


Pasotti Umbrella - Jacquard Piantino